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The Savvy Career Counselor Series

I am planning a series of books on the business and practice of career counseling. The first book is already out:

  • Coaching Career Clients on Salary and Other Workplace Negotiations

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Articles on Career Counseling by Karen James Chopra

This is an archive of articles I have written for professional audiences — e.g, other counselors, coaches and therapists. Some of them are about Integrative Career Counseling (ICC), and others are more general articles about career counseling as a profession and business — though you will see my integrative approach sneak in there, as well. These articles have appeared first in other publications, and are appearing here with their express permission.

ICC Articles

Finding True North: How To Help Clients Find A Fulfilling Career Path
I wrote this case study while I was still working out the ICC model, so I don't use the specific levels when discussing the issues presented by these clients, but you can clearly see the emphasis on integrating mental health and career counseling.
Integrative Career Counseling: Helping Clients Who Are Depressed, Stressed And Sometimes A Mess
This article was the first full description of the ICC model written for a professional audience.

General Career Counseling

Launching A Successful Private Practice
This article addresses all the fears that keeps counselors from finally starting that private practice they have always dreamed of. It is also an example of the ICC model in action —the goal is to launch a private practice, but the first obstacles to surface are often emotional ones.
Helping Clients Choose You
This is a straightforward set of suggestions for how to attract clients without doing a hard sell, which I think is not ethical in our profession.

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By Karen James Chopra,

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