Karen Chopra

Karen James Chopra,
The Career Counselor's
Career Counselor

Consulting Services for Career Counselors and Career Coaches in Private Practice

There is a huge demand for private practice career counseling, and I want to help you fill that demand.

I can help you design the private practice that is perfect for you — a practice that let's you do the work you love, the way you like to do it, with the clients you most want to work with.

I provide individual and small-group training and consultation to career counselors and coaches on all aspects of private practice, including:

  • Figuring out what services you want to offer
  • Setting up the business so that it works for you
  • Creating a website that draws clients
  • Developing effective intake procedures so that new clients stay
  • Marketing your private practice
  • Handling challenging cases
  • Resolving recurring problems you notice in your practice
  • Setting boundaries on the business so that you can have a life

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